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Ereplacements Pa3083u-1aca-er Ac Adapter Satellite/tecra (pa3083u1acaer) 

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Model: PA3083U-1ACA-ER

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  • Specification

    General Information
    ManufacturereReplacements, LLC
    Manufacturer Part NumberPA3083U-1ACA-ER
    Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.ereplacements.com
    Brand NameeReplacements
    Product NameAC Power Adapter
    Product TypeAC Adapter
    Technical Information
    Device SupportedNotebook
    Power Description
    Output Voltage15 V DC
    Maximum Output Current5 A
    Physical Characteristics
    ProductTitleeReplacements AC Power Adapter - For Notebook - 5A - 15V DC

    Warranty Information

    Beach Audio Warranty

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday, October 31, 2014.


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