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You have to be careful and selective

By The copier from Paducah, KY on 03/02/2007


Difficult To Set Up, Difficult To Use


A Good Thing Is--it Works

Best Uses:


Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

I have to qualify the recommendations part--only if you want to convert VHS tapes to DVDs and only if you can play close attention to what you are doing--i.e. check back in on it at about the time you think the copying should be done. The ONLY DVD I got to work consistantly was SONY 8X DVD+R. With those restrictions, the thing has been working well.

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"We plugged it in and ...

By disappointed Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 11/24/2006

"We plugged it in and connected. The Setup menu was confusing and lousy to use, with long delays in use. After connecting, we had tracking problems with existing tapes, a persistent hum, and worse, the system would not stay closed with or without DVD discs in the drive. We're returning it immediately. Terrible product, regardless of the excuse. No wonder the only other ones are all re-taped after being returned."

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"I bought this and had ...

By ron watson Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 11/15/2006

"I bought this and had trouble the first day with the timed taping. Calling the company they had me unplug it for an hour. It then started working. The second day, after several successful tapings, it froze up. I called the company and they said unplug it for an hour. If it does not work then, I have a defective player. It does not work. I am taking it back tomorrow. Buyer beware."

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"After owning the RCA ...

By Photo Re-Creator Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 10/28/2006

After owning the RCA DRC8320N for a few days I have to say that it does, in fact, as it is advertised...., but...., don't expect a high end super duper high speed unit. The controls are rather slow in functioning and can be a bit touchy if you are not paying close attention. You will need to watch every dialog box that pops up and pay attention the directions as they appear. You will also find this unit is not really recommended for 1st time users or at least you'll need some type of a techie background. The more Nerd blood you have the better you'll be. If all you want is a few Monday Night Football games transfered - fine a place that does it for you and save the techno education curve for when you're ready to use your brain. The controls and dialog are all given with the understanding that you have some technical knowledge of electronics and why things work the way they do and what to do if a problem occurs. The proceedures and troubleshooting pages are useless and should nlot have even been printed. They will not help you if you don't already know this stuff. After only a few times (days) of "Power On" & "Shut Down" and restarting I had the unit go off into an open ended loop of trying to read the blank Light Scribe disc and staying in limbo for over 45 minutes. No functions were available and nothing responded on either the remote or the front face panel. This was cured by doing a Hard Re-Set while the disc & tape were in the machine. Just plain old pulling the plug, counting to 40 seconds and reattaching the power cord worked fine. It remembered all the settings and knew that a disc was inside ready for Initializing. From that point on it was OKAY. Would I buy it again ? YES ! It is a good unit for the price and produces a nice quality disc. You can control a wide range of settings. You may waste a few disc's at first just playing around with the gadgetry and experimenting with the options but it is well worth the time and expence. It delivers a nice clean rendition of any home video and burns into DVD+R format. The DVD+R format works with over 90% of set top players on the market and is fine for most users. If you don't mind taking some time to aquainted with the operations and you have some basic technical understanding of how things work & why then this is great machine. I'm sure that upgraded machines will be better as time goes on but if have 1000's of tapes to do and have a good technical background you'll be happy with this unit. This is a bit better than just a 2 star machine but not to the level of a 5 star. For the cost and for the end product (disc) I'd say it's around a 4 star rating.

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"I to have had nothing ...

By fedup Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 08/20/2006

I to have had nothing but trouble with this model. I need a modulator to connect it to my older tv but it will still not pick up the cable signal. The door to the DVD tray will not stay closed unless I close it and quickly turn off the machine. I'm returning it to the store.

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"I also face the same ...

By jas Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 08/16/2006

I also face the same problem that the DVD palyer door won't remain closed. Also a VCD that I was able to play, will never play after that. May be because the door just keeps opening. Going to return...

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It is important to ...

By Bradley Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 06/10/2006

It is important to understand that no DVD player will hook to a TV through the older cables without a separate RF modulator. The code on a digital DVD is different than an analog recording on VHS tape. This is a combination player that includes a DVD. I'm afraid that Henry will have to stick to VHS tape players or buy a new TV or separate RF modulator or go through a circuit on an old VCR and degrade the picture quality on DVD. This is not a unique problem to this unit. This model includes a TVGuardian language filter which is rather uncommon on most units of this type. You can turn it off if choice words don't bother you or you can set it at different tolerance levels if you don't want your kids to get too wonderful a vocabulary too early in life (or explain what some pretty colorful terms mean). The TV Guardian actully works pretty good for keeping the language on your TV G rated even when Hollywood producers are busy writting their own dictionary of terms.

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"I have only one ...

By "Henry (Charleston,IL)" Verified Reviewer from Undisclosed on 05/28/2006

I have only one complaint with the RCA DRC8320N VCR/DVD recorder/player combo unit and that compaint is that the RF OUT jack on the unit won't output video to an older television that only has the screw-on "F" connector RF IN jack. This older TV doesn't have RCA input jacks on it. I called the RCA 1-866-775-0976 help number listed on the box and the person that answered my call said that I would have to buy a seperate RF modulator unit to get the older TV to work with this new model DRC8320N unit. All of the older VCR's that I have seen already have this RF modulator built in to them. All you had to do was connect a screw-on RF cable to the TV's RF In jack and then connect the other end of the screw-on cable to the RF OUT jack on the VCR and then you could watch the video output from the VCR on the attached television. All you had to do was set the TV to channel 3 or channel 4 and you were ready to watch your videos. Now it appears that this feature is not being included in the RCA model DRC8320N VCR/DVD recorder/player. I ended up having to connect the RCA VCR/DVD recorder/player up to an older VCR using the RCA cables to connect the DRC8320N to the older VCR. I then connected the older VCR to the RF IN jack on the TV and I was able to watch the output from the model DRC8320N unit. Everything on the RCA model DRC8320N worked as I expected once the TV was hooked up in this fashion, but I was disapointed to see that the RF modulator function is no longer being built-in to the equipment. Another thing to watch out for is the initial start-up of the DRC8320N unit. The screen will show a message on the front display that says "HELLO" and then "PLS WAIT" and then "INITIAL". The directions for what you are supposed to do when this happens are located on a small additional piece of paper that is not in the large instruction book. It took me a while to find this additional piece of paper so I wasted quite some time trying to get the unit to work and then I found the additional instructions. Until you folllow the additional instructions listed in this additional sheet, none of the front panel buttons on the unit will work. [...]

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