Dantona[r] Cam-322p Cam-322 Replacement Battery

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This item is brand-new, factory sealed.

  • Long-lasting
  • 2,300mAh
  • Lead acid
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with Intermec(R) 6820, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1500, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1800, Blaupunkt(R) CR-2000S, Blaupunkt(R) RTV-260, Bosch(R) VCC-516, Bosch(R) VCC-526, Bosch(R) VCC-550, Bosch(R) VRP-30, Canon(R) CR-30A, Canon(R) CV-T60, Canon(R) CV-T65, Canon(R) CV-T70, Canon(R) F-1000A, Canon(R) VC-10A, Canon(R) VC-20A, Canon(R) VC-30A, Canon(R) VC-40A, Canon(R) VC50A, Canon(R) VR-30A, Canon(R) VR-40A, Canon(R) VR-50A, Canon(R) YR20A, Canon(R) YR30A, Canon(R) YR40A, Chinon(R) CV-765, Chinon(R) CV-770, Chinon(R) CV-C70, Chinon(R) CV-C800, Chinon(R) CV-T122, Chinon(R) CV-T124, Chinon(R) CV-T60, Chinon(R) CV-T60G, Chinon(R) CV-T65, Chinon(R) CV-T7, Chinon(R) CV-T70, Chinon(R) CV-T72, Chinon(R) CV-T73, Chinon(R) CV-T80, Curtis Mathes(R) 768, Curtis Mathes(R) 770, Curtis Mathes(R) 772, Curtis Mathes(R) 773, Curtis Mathes(R) AV800, Curtis Mathes(R) BV773, Curtis Mathes(R) BV800, Curtis Mathes(R) BV880, Curtis Mathes(R) CV800, Curtis Mathes(R) CV820, Curtis Mathes(R) DV800, Curtis Mathes(R) HV773, Curtis Mathes(R) PV800, Curtis Mathes(R) QD00004, Emerson(R) VHS, General Electric(R) 1CVD5021, General Electric(R) 1CVD5021X, General Electric(R) 1CVD5023, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025B, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025X, General Electric(R) 1CVD5026, General Electric(R) 1CVD5027, General Electric(R) 1CVD5028, General Electric(R) 1CVD5028B, General Electric(R) 1CVK5040, General Electric(R) 1CVM8080, General Electric(R) 1CVP5021, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022B, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022X, General Electric(R) 1CVP5024, General Electric(R) 1CVP5026, General Electric(R) 1CVP5026X, General Electric(R) 1CVP5027, General Electric(R) 1CVP5028, General Electric(R) 1CVP5028B, General Electric(R) 1CVP5030, General Electric(R) 1CVP6022, General Electric(R) 1CVP6024, General Electric(R) 1CVP6026, General Electric(R) 1CVP6028, General Electric(R) 1CVP6030, General Electric(R) 2-9809, General Electric(R) 4020, General Electric(R) 4022, General Electric(R) 4024, General Electric(R) 5022, General Electric(R) 5024, General Electric(R) 5025, General Electric(R) 5026, General Electric(R) 5027, General Electric(R) 5028, General Electric(R) 5030, General Electric(R) 5036, General Electric(R) 5200, General Electric(R) 5424, General Electric(R) 5426, General Electric(R) 5428, General Electric(R) 5430, General Electric(R) 5440, General Electric(R) 5442, General Electric(R) 5458, General Electric(R) 5740, General Electric(R) 5747, General Electric(R) 9-6909, General Electric(R) 9-9605, General Electric(R) 9-9606, General Electric(R) 9-9607, General Electric(R) 9-9608, General Electric(R) 9-9609, General Electric(R) 9-9610, General Electric(R) 9-9805, General Electric(R) 9-9806, General Electric(R) 9-9807, General Electric(R) 9-9808, General Electric(R) 9-9810, General Electric(R) 9-9815, General Electric(R) CG-700, General Electric(R) CG-701, General Electric(R) CG-710, General Electric(R) CG-911, General Electric(R) CG-9805, General Electric(R) CG-9806, General Electric(R) CG-9807, General Electric(R) CG-9808, General Electric(R) CG-9809, General Electric(R) CG-9810, General Electric(R) CG-9815, General Electric(R) CG-9820, General Electric(R) CG-9825, General Electric(R) CG-9915, General Electric(R) CG-9920, General Electric(R) CV-8080, Grundig(R) VS-160, Grundig(R) VS-170, Grundig(R) VS-180, JCPenney(R) 686-5100, JCPenney(R) 686-5110, JCPenney(R) 686-5111, JCPenney(R) 686-5115, JCPenney(R) 686-5116, JCPenney(R) 686-5335, JCPenney(R) 686-5340, JCPenney(R) 686-5350, JCPenney(R) 686-6016, JCPenney(R) 855-8967, JCPenney(R) 855-9163, JVC(R) GS-1000, Magnavox(R) 8292, Magnavox(R) 8293, Magnavox(R) 8294, Magnavox(R) 8380, Magnavox(R) 8474, Magnavox(R) 8475, Magnavox(R) CV5320AV, Magnavox(R) CVJ310, Magnavox(R) CVJ312, Magnavox(R) CVJ320, Magnavox(R) CVJ322, Magnavox(R) CVJ340, Magnavox(R) CVJ350, Magnavox(R) CVJ360, Magnavox(R) CVK332, Magnavox(R) CVK342, Magnavox(R) CVK352, Magnavox(R) CVK360, Magnavox(R) 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  • Features

    Environmental Certification:   


    Environmentally Friendly:   


    Panasonic - PV-S550


    Country of Origin:   



    Physical Characteristics
    Weight (Approximate)1.61 lb
    Battery Information
    Battery Capacity2300 mAh
    Battery RechargeableYes
    Battery ChemistryLead Acid
    Output Voltage12 V DC
    General Information
    Brand NameDantona
    Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.dantona.com
    Marketing InformationThis replacement 12 Volt 2300 mAh Lead Acid battery is used in the Panasonic PV-S550 Digital Camera/ Camcorder and meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.
    Product TypeBattery
    Product NameBattery
    ManufacturerDantona Industries, Inc
    Manufacturer Part NumberCAM-322
    Packaged Quantity1 / Pack

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    Dantona[r] Cam-322p Cam-322 Replacement Battery