P Audio SN6200MB Paudio 6" Neo Carbon Fiber 800w Midbass

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09/28/2023 05:20:02 PM PST

Out of stock

Stock Update:
09/28/2023 05:20:02 PM PST


This item is brand-new, factory sealed.

High performance wide bandwidth transducer optimized for use in mid bass frequencies. The SN6-200MB is an upgraded design that features many of P Audios new technologies & performance upgrades. The 6.5 inch (165mm) diameter piston will produce extremely high sound pressure levels at both low & mid band frequencies & is ideal for high level response in both live sound & recorded music venues. The transducer uses very high energy neodymium magnetics to achieve a very high acoustic output to weight ratio. The SN6-200MB has been optimized for use in two way or three way sound reinforcement systems & has an operating range of 80Hz to 3000Hz. The SN6-200MB features a 2 inch (50.8mm) diameter voice coil that provides an AES rated 200 watts of continuous power handling & a full 800 watts of peak rated power handling when sufficient amplifier headroom is available. The SN6-200MB utilizes P Audios Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) technology to not only improve transducer power handling & reliability but to also increase power compression performance by carefully balancing & directing airflow to critical areas. The voice coil design is a bobbin wound geometry w/P Audios edge wound rectangular wire technology to improve conversion efficiency & provide a large cross-sectional area for superior cooling. The transducer chassis is a die cast aluminum design that insures a very high degree of structural integrity.
Nominal diameter.: 165 mm/6.5 in
* Power rating.: 200 W(AES)
* Nominal impedance..: 8
* Sensitivity..: 92 dB
* Frequency range..: 80-3000 Hz
* Chassis type.: Cast aluminum
* Magnet type..: Neodymium
* Magnet weight.: 0.28 kg/9.9 oz
* Voice coil diameter.: 51.3 mm/2.0 in
* Coil material..: CCA-R
* Former material..: Kapton
* Cone material..: Carbonfiber
* Surround material..: Rubber
* Suspension..: Single
* X-max.: 2.5 mm/0.9 in
* Gap depth..: 6 mm/0.24 in
* Voice coil winding width..: 11.0 mm/0.43 in
* Net Weight..: 1.0 kg/2.2 lb
* Packing Dimension WxDxH.: 175 x 175 x 110 mm
* Shipping Weight..: 1.3 kg/2.9 lb
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P Audio SN6200MB Paudio 6" Neo Carbon Fiber 800w Midbass