Apricorn ASK3Z-16GB 16gb 256-bit Aes Xts Hw Ext Encrypted Secure Usb 3.0 Memory Key

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This item is brand-new, factory sealed.

The Next Big Thing in Advanced Data Protection.

Software-free, cross-platform compatible, Aegis Configu-rator Compatible, plus a host of high-level security features

packed into a USB 3.1 (3.0) flashkey.

Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption:

All data is encrypted on-the-fly with built-in 256-bit AES XTS.

Software-Free Design: The Aegis Secure Key is ready to use right out of the box-no software, no drivers, no updates. It can even be utilized where no keyboard is present. Completely cross-platform compatible, the Aegis Secure Key excels virtually anywhere-PCs, MACs, Linux, or any OS with a powered USB port and a storage file system.

Configurable: Create custom profiles and mass configure multiple Secure Keys at once with Apricorn's new Configurator / Powered Hub bundle.

Embedded Keypad: All PIN entries and controls are performed on the keypad of the Aegis Secure Key. No critical security parameters are ever shared with the host computer. Since there is no host involvement in the key's authentication or operation, the risks of software hacking and key-logging are completely circumvented.

Super Tough, Inside and Out: The Aegis Secure Key's rugged, extruded aluminum casing and polymer-coated keypad is resistant to dust and water (IP57 certification pending.) Inside, another layer of protection is added by encasing the inner componentry with a hardened epoxy compound to prevent physical access to the encryption circuitry.

Independent User and Admin PINs: The Aegis Secure Key can be configured with independent User and Admin PINs, making it an ideal device for corporate and government deployment. Should the User forget his or her PIN, the drive can still be unlocked with the Admin PIN after which, a new User PIN can then be created.

One-Time Recovery PINs:In the event that a User PIN is forgotten, up to 4 one-time use recovery PINs can be programmed to permit access to the drive's data.

Auto-Lock: Locks automatically whenever it's unplugged from its powered USB port, and is further programmable to lock after a predetermined period of inactivity.

Drive Reset: Allows the drive to be cleared and redeployed. Capable of generating an infinite number of randomly generated encryption keys, The Aegis Secure Key 3z can be reset as many times as desired.

Brute-Force Protection: After a predetermined number (programmable; up to 20) of incorrect PIN entry attempts, the Aegis Secure Key will conclude that it is under Brute Force Attack and will respond by performing a crypto-erase - deleting the encryption key which will render all of the key's data useless.

Lock-Override Mode: Designated for specific cases in which the key needs to remain unlocked, e.g., during reboot, passing the key through a virtual machine, or other similar situations that would normally prompt the key to automatically lock. When enabled, Lock-Override Mode allows the key to remain unlocked through USB port re-enumeration and will not re-lock until USB power is interrupted.

Two Read-Only Modes: Perfect for accessing data on the key in a public setting to protect against USB viruses. Particularly important in forensics, Read-Only Mode is ideal for applications that require data to be preserved in its original, unaltered state and can't be overwritten or modified. The Secure Key 3z has two read-only modes. One is set by the admin in the admin mode and can't be modified or disabled by anyone other than the admin. The second read-only mode can be set and disabled by a user but can also be overridden by the admin as well.


TAA Compliant:   


Environmentally Friendly:   


Country of Origin:   
United States



Physical Characteristics
Weight (Approximate)0.78 oz
Limited Warranty3 Year
Host InterfaceUSB 3.1
General Information
Brand NameApricorn
Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.apricorn.com
Marketing InformationSmall in Size, Big in Data Security; Aegis Secure Key 3z
Don't let its size fool you; Our smallest secure USB drive brings the ultimate in portability, affordability and data protection. Software-Free, 100% hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encrypted USB key, onboard keypad PIN authenticated, and ultra-fast USB 3.1 (3.0) data transfer speeds. All Data is encrypted on the fly and the device's PINs and Data remain encrypted while the drive is at rest. Completely cross-platform compatible and OS agnostic; thrives in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome, embedded systems, and equipment possessing a powered USB port and storage file system. All internal componentry is protected from physical tampering with a layer of hardened epoxy, and locked-down firmware brings immunity to malware attacks such as BadUSB.
Featuring AegisWare™
The heart and soul of every Apricorn Secure Device, AegisWare is our patent-protected firmware combined with the industry's most advanced feature set.
FIPS 140-2 Level 3
Meets the U.S. government standards for information technology and computer security. NIST FIPS 140 is the cryptography standard program required by the US federal government for protection of sensitive data. The Aegis Secure Key 3z's FIPS 140-2 validation covers 11 areas of its cryptographic security system, including physical security, cryptographic key management and design integrity. Available in four levels, the Aegis Secure Key's FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation encompasses both the Aegis Secure Key's physical tamper-resistant features as well as its identity-based authentication. As a secure USB drive tested and validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use by the Federal governments of the USA, Canada and others, the Aegis Secure Key 3z is based on Apricorn's FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated encryption module as indicated by certificate #2824. The Secure Key's security policy is located on the NIST site at the following link. The epoxy coated boundary includes all encryption functions and all Critical Security Parameters (CSPs) such as PIN storage, encryption key generation and storage, random number and seed generators, all firmware storage, and device storage. The FIPS module is a complete encryption system, and all CSPs never leave the boundary and are never shared with a host system.
Aegis Configurator Compatible
Windows-Based App that Quickly Sets Up Multiple Devices Simultaneously. Create custom profiles and mass configure multiple devices in a matter of seconds using the Aegis Configurator. To configure an expanded number of devices, use the Powered Aegis Configurator Hub bundle.
Separate Admin and User Mode
Admin (Device Configuration) Mode and User Access Mode. The Aegis Secure Key supports independent Admin and User PINs. The Admin mode controls the universal programmable settings of the device and can only be accessed with the Admin PIN. The User mode is limited to basic external drive functions like read /write, unlock / lock, etc. The data on the drive can also be accessed with the admin PIN in the User mode.
Polymer-Coated Wear-Resistant Onboard Keypad
Drive is Unlocked by Entering a PIN on Keypad and not the Host Computer's Keyboard. Until the secure USB drive device is unlocked via its keypad, it remains invisible to the host. The embedded keypad circumvents all hardware and software key logging attempts to capture passwords by excluding the host system from the authentication process. Polymer-coated buttons are wear-resistant and designed to not reveal most commonly used buttons.
Product TypeFlash Drive
Product Name16GB Aegis Secure Key 3z USB 3.1 Flash Drive
ManufacturerApricorn, Inc
Manufacturer Part NumberASK3Z-16GB
Product LineAegis Secure Key 3z
Network & Communication
Wireless LANNo
Technical Information
Windows To Go CertifiedNo
Maximum Read Speed77 MB/s
Maximum Write Speed72 MB/s
Storage Capacity16 GB
Encryption Standard256-bit AES

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Apricorn ASK3Z-16GB 16gb 256-bit Aes Xts Hw Ext Encrypted Secure Usb 3.0 Memory Key