Kingston 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module (KSM26RS8/16MEI) KSM26RS8/16MEI

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07/17/2022 01:22:55 PM PST

Out of stock

Stock Update:
07/17/2022 01:22:55 PM PST


This item is brand-new, factory sealed.


Kingston's KSM26RS8/16MEI is a 2G x 72-bit (16GB) DDR4-2666 CL19 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) registered w/ parity, 1Rx8, ECC, memory module, based on nine 2G x 8-bit FBGA components. The SPD is programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR4-2666 timing of 19-19-19 at 1.2V. Each 288-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers.


Power Supply: VDD = 1.2V

VDDQ = 1.2V

VPP = 2.5V

VDDSPD = 2.41V to 2.75V

Functionality and operations comply with the DDR4 SDRAM datasheet

16 internal banks

Bank Grouping is applied, and CAS to CAS latency (tCCD_L, tCCD_S) for the banks in the same or different bank group accesses are available

Data transfer rates: PC4-2666, PC4-2400, PC4-2133, PC4-1866, PC4-1600

Bi-Directional Differential Data Strobe

8 bit pre-fetch

Burst Length (BL) switch on-the-fly BL8 or BC4(Burst Chop)

Supports ECC error correction and detection

On-Die Termination (ODT)

Temperature sensor with integrated SPD

This product is in compliance with the RoHS directive.

Per DRAM Addressability is supported

Internal Vref DQ level generation is available

Write CRC is supported at all speed grades

CA parity (Command/Address Parity) mode is supported

Module Assembly


19 cyclesRow Cycle Time (tRCmin)
46.25ns(min.)Refresh to Active/Refresh Command Time (tRFCmin)
350ns(min.)Row Active Time (tRASmin)
32ns(min.)Maximum Operating Power
IDD SpecificationsUL Rating
94 V - 0Operating Temperature
0oC to +85oCStorage Temperature
-55oC to +100oCItem Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
7 x 3 x 1


Warranty Information
Lifetime Warranty


  • AIC Virgo Server Board
  • Apple iMac Pro (2017)

Acer Servers:

  • Altos P530 F4 Server
  • Altos P550 F4 Server
  • Altos R360 F4 Server
  • Altos R380 F4 Server
  • Altos R480 F4 Server
  • Altos R680 F4 Server
  • Altos W2000h-W370h F4 Server
  • Veriton / Altos P330 F4

ASRock Servers:

  • 1U12XL-EPYC/2T (EPYCD8-2T)
  • 1U12XL-EPYC/2T2E (EPYCD8-2T)
  • 2U4G-EPYC (EPYCD8)
  • 2U4G-EPYC-2T (EPYCD8-2T)
  • C422 WS/IPMI
  • EP2C621D12 WS
  • EP2C621D16-4LP
  • EP2C621D16FM
  • EP2C621D16GM
  • EP2C621D16HM-AB
  • EP2C621D16HM2-M3
  • EP2C621D24LM-AB
  • EP2C621D8
  • EP2C622D16FM
  • EP2C622D16HM
  • EP2C622D16NM
  • EP2C622D24HM
  • EP2C622D24LM
  • EPC621D6U-2T
  • EPC621D8A
  • EPYCD8
  • EPYCD8-2T
  • ROMED8-2T

ASUS/ASmobile Workstations, Motherboards & Servers:

  • E900 G4
  • ESC Server ESC8000 G4
  • ESC Server ESC8000 G4/10G
  • ESC Workstation ESC700 G4
  • ESC4000 G4
  • ESC4000 G4S
  • ESC4000 G4X
  • KNPA-U16
  • Pro WS C422 ACE
  • Pro WS C621-64L SAGE/10G
  • RS500-E9-PS4
  • RS500-E9-RS4
  • RS500-E9-RS4-U
  • RS500A-E9-PS4
  • RS500A-E9-RS4
  • RS500A-E9-RS4-U
  • RS520-E9-RS12-E
  • RS520-E9-RS8
  • RS540-E9-RS36-E
  • RS700-E9-RS12
  • RS700-E9-RS4
  • RS700A-E9-RS12
  • RS700A-E9-RS12V2
  • RS700A-E9-RS4
  • RS700A-E9-RS4V2
  • RS720-E9-RS12-E
  • RS720-E9-RS24-E
  • RS720-E9-RS24-U
  • RS720-E9-RS8
  • RS720-E9-RS8-G
  • RS720A-E9-RS24-E
  • RS720A-E9-RS24V2
  • RS720Q-E9-RS24-S
  • RS720Q-E9-RS8
  • RS720Q-E9-RS8-S
  • TS700-E9-RS8
  • WS C422 PRO/SE
  • WS C422 SAGE/10G
  • WS C621E SAGE
  • WS880T
  • Z11PA-D8
  • Z11PA-D8C
  • Z11PA-U12
  • Z11PA-U12/10G-2S
  • Z11PR-D16

Fujitsu Motherboards & Servers:

  • CELSIUS M770 / Power
  • CELSIUS R970
  • Motherboard D3598-B
  • PRIMERGY RX2520 M4 (D3386)
  • PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 (D3383)
  • PRIMERGY RX2540 M4 (D3384)
  • PRIMERGY RX4770 M4 (D3753)
  • PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 (D3386)

Gigabyte Server & Motherboards:

  • C621-SD8
  • C621-SU8
  • C621-WD12
  • C621-WD12-IPMI
  • G221-Z30 Server (MZ31-AR0)
  • G291-280 Server (MG51-G21)
  • G291-281 Server (MG51-G21)
  • G291-2G0 Server (MG51-G21)
  • G291-Z20 Server (MZ21-G20)
  • G481-H80 Server (MG61-G40)
  • G481-H81 Server (MG61-G40)
  • G481-HA0 Server (MG61-G40)
  • G481-HA1 Server (MG61-G40)
  • G481-S80 Server (MG61-G40)
  • H231-G20 Server (MH61-HD3)
  • H231-H60 Server (MH61-HD5)
  • H261-3C0 Server (MH61-HD3)
  • H261-H60 Server (MH61-HD5)
  • H261-H61 Server (MH61-HD5)
  • H261-N80 Server (MH61-HD3)
  • H261-Z60 Server (MZ61-HD0)
  • H281-PE0 Server (MH81-LM0)
  • MD61-SC2
  • MD71-HB0
  • MF51-ES0
  • MF51-ES1
  • MF51-ES2


Country of Origin:   



Physical Characteristics
Form FactorDIMM
Number of Pins288-pin
Limited WarrantyLifetime
General Information
Brand NameKingston
Manufacturer Website Address
Product TypeRAM Module
Product Name16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module
ManufacturerKingston Technology Company
Manufacturer Part NumberKSM26RS8/16MEI
Technical Information
Memory TechnologyDDR4 SDRAM
Memory Size16 GB
CAS LatencyCL19
Memory Speed2666 MHz
Device Supported
Memory Voltage1.20 V
Memory StandardDDR4-2666/PC4-21333
Error CheckingECC
Signal ProcessingRegistered

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Warranty Information

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Kingston 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module (KSM26RS8/16MEI) KSM26RS8/16MEI